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Dirty Dozen + 2 and Clean 15

            Every year, Environmental Working Group puts out a list that tells you which produce contains the most pesticides. Sometimes, it’s not possible to buy totally organic, when you can’t, consider this list. Advertisements

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Subway – A Healthy (???) Alternative

Many people have this misconception that Subway is a healthier alternative to other fast food restaurants.  Looking closer at the Product Ingredients page taken from Subway’s website shows a different story. * Azodicarbonamide is the same ingredient used in yoga … Continue reading

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Monsanto Domination

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GMO Seeds Cost Farmers MORE Money

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GMO/Monsanto Timeline

  Monsanto Protection Act: On March 24, the pro-Monsanto “Farmer Assurance Provision, Section 735” rider was quietly slipped into the Agricultural Appropriations provisions of HR 933, the Continuing Resolution spending bill designed to avert a federal government shutdown. Section 735 … Continue reading

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GMO Corn and Non-GMO Corn: Are They Nutritionally the Same?

This is an important article that I came across that demonstrates that GMO corn is in fact depleted of important minerals.  The source is of this article is: The claims that “There is no difference between GMO corn and … Continue reading

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